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Re: Outlook question...non-engineering

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On 21 Apr 2001, at 22:24, Scott Maxwell wrote:

> A non-engineering question for you...
> Does anyone know how to turn off the viewing of HTML email messages in
> Outlook 2000?  My father gets junk mail messages that are in HTML and
> contain graphics that are displayed from links to a web page.  This means
> that when the message is read, the computer will attempt to dial-up the
> ISP to download the images.  This is rather annoying and makes it more
> difficult to work with out the internet connection.
> As I wrote this message I have thought of one solution...switch M$ Outlook
> into "work offline" mode.  But it still might be nice to turn off HTML
> messages.
> Thanks,
> Scott

A solution that I like even better is to download Pegasus Mail and
use it instead.  I've found it to be a very functional program for
e-mail.  I like the way that it's formatted and the ease of working 
with it.  I believe that it's available at The
32-bit version has a file size of 3.3MB and is freeware.  Give it a
try and you'll find an excellent mail program that isn't M$ driven.

Good Luck,

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