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AISC's Board

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Title: AISC's Board

>There are no professional members
>on the AISC board of directors.

True. But the AISC Board is not where the technical work is done.

AISC Specifications are written by the AISC Committee on Specifications, which is ANSI accredited and has equal representation of users (engineers, code officials, etc.), producers (industry) and general interest entities.

The AISC Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges is written by the AISC Committee on the Code of Standard Practice, which follows those same ANSI procedures with fair and balanced representation of the various interests, including architect, engineer, fabricator, detailer, erector, general contractor, construction manager and legal interests. The Code Committee is not formally accredited by ANSI because the Code is not a compilation of absolutes, but rather a set of default choices intended to simplify the process of buying and selling fabricated structural steel with maximum efficiency.

The AISC Manual, AISC Design Guides, and all other AISC technical products are created by AISC Committees that have not only the necessary expertise, but also an appropriate balance and representation of interest from the design community, construction industry and other interested segments.

We do not intentionally exclude anybody in our processes. If you think there is an interest that should be better represented, present it to me and I will address it. It has been my personal experience for the past 10 years, and my understanding that things were not different before then, that the AISC Board is conspicuous for its total empowerment of the technical committees that serve AISC, the design community and the construction industry.