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Re: expansion anchors [in tension] to anchor cmu walls to metal dec k roof - 75000 SF 2 story school addition

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In a message dated 4/21/01 4:11:29 PM, HaanSM(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Are there any evaluation reports that allow expansion anchors in masonry? 

resist seismic forces? to anchor masonry walls to a metal deck roof?

Are any jurisdictions allowing expansion anchors to tie masonry walls to

metal deck roofs for out-of-plane seismic forces? What kind of limitations?

I don't think that there are any ICBO ES listed expansion anchors with values 
for masonry.  There are a few adhesive anchors listed, ours included.

I know that the City of Los Angeles does not allow friction type expansion 
anchors for tilt ups or masonry for out-of-plane forces for new construction 
as well as retrofits.  They allow our DUC undercut anchors for concrete 
currently and probably would allow it for masonry if it was listed in our LA 
City Research Report.

Howard Silverman, PE
Covert Operations, Inc.

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