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RE: AISC II (the facts)

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You go that right! This has been immeasurably helpful!
Also, fwiw (and I don't even remember where I got this) AISIWIN is available to help size cold-form steel members. And such construction IS a direct competitor with steel in some applications.
There are some types of contruction where only steel and reinforced concrete are competitive, though, and I wonder if perhaps these types of projects don't "drive" this initiative to charge for everything.
For instance, those large design firms that do nothing but big projects, say high-rise construction. They're not going to be nearly so prone to complain about incremental increases in design publications, software, etc. Their only concern is typically to know how much things are going to cost, for insertion into their yearly operating budgets. They simply turn around and charge their clients for these things anyway, and their clients just want the buildings built.
Note, Charlie, that most of those really chafing at this are small-fry like me, Dennis, John, etc., to whom a $10 yearly increase in every design reference we use is actually felt.
I'm not shouting "unfair," just trying to point out where many of us are coming from.

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TrusJoist MacMillan provides us with the software we need to size their products, and I appreciate it.