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AISC Copyright Surprise

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Title: AISC Copyright Surprise

Life is just full of surprises!  My curiosity got the best of me this Noon, and I did a little cyber research at the U.S. Copyright Office.  To be more specific, I did a Telnet search for copyrights under "AISC Shapes".  I assumed that this would verify that the AISC shape database is, in fact, copyrighted by AISC. 

My assumption turned out to be wrong!  Instead, I discovered that "AISC Member Shapes" is a copyright [TX-4-064-735] held by Archon Engineering.  Some of you might recognize that name.  They are a small structural engineering software company in Colombia, Missouri.  One of their products is an electronic AISC shape database, which they sell for $30.

Perhaps we can now end the debate over whether or not the AISC database is in the public domain.  It's not.  Apparently it's not in the AISC domain either.


Stan Caldwell, P.E.
(a.k.a., Sleuth Colombo)

P.S.:  Bill, I found your new pet's mama this weekend.  She is six feet long, and my wife nearly mowed over her yesterday (that would have been really messy).  Please come and get her ASAP, before I am forced to go after her with my trusty shovel.