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Re: Earthquake counteracted by friction?

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The bolt's  shear capacity should be checked for
earthquake loading.

Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.

--- raul labbe <rlabbe(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Fellow Engineers,
> I will appreciate information regarding the
> following issue :
> In an X industrial project,we required the
> installation of tall
> vessels, whose anchoring system,according to the
> vendor's
> drawings,( american vendor ) included only the
> bolts. We claimed 
> for the addition of the corresponding shear keys, to
> take account 
> of the horizontal seismic thrust, ( high seismicity
> area ). But the 
> answer was that they were not using shear keys,
> because it was 
> enough to provide an initial preload to the bolts.
> The shear force is 
> supposed to be counteracted by the friction between
> the base ring 
> and the foundation.( Friction is improved by the
> preload ).
> In my country,the codes do not allow to rely on
> friction, regarding 
> sesimic loads, but no reference is made for the case
> of 'prestressed 
> anchor bolts'.
> In the jungle of the american codes, is there
> anyone,addressing this
> issue ? and what do their provisions specify ?
> Regards,
> S. S. Eng. Raul Labbé 
>         rlabbe(--nospam--at)

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