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Re: Construction Cost

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I wouldn't try to guess without knowing more about the project:

Where is it?
Seismic zone?
Wind zone?
Plan dimensions of the building?
Heights of the walls?
Roof shape?
Numbers and sizes of openings in the exterior walls?
Large open space enclosed, or several rooms?
What's customary in the city where the site is located?
What materials are the available contractors experienced with?

If you reply, I probably still won't have an answer for you, but in defining
the constraints on the project that these and other questions will help
define, you will probably find that the appropriate materials will begin to
be easier to select.  And response from others on the list is more likely to
be elicited if you provide some of those details and some of the reasons for
the alternatives you have been considering.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer

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