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Re: seaint Digest for 22 Apr 2001

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> RE: AISC II (the facts)According to the information AISC provided me, the
> answer is no, you can not recreate the data.

Somebody please tell me this is not true!  If it is, just shoot me now ;o)
I actually spent the time (about four hours - and yes $60 to a college
student can buy a lot of drinks at happy hour) to input the database
manually into a format that I can search.  Once input, these tables are used
in about 30 design spreadsheets that I use daily to be more productive.
Computer software allows (is this still correct?) the consumer to make back
up copies for their own use and protection.  Why would it not be permissible
for me to copy information from a document that I purchased for my own use
into another more usable form that just so happens to be a computer program?
Heavy sarcasm paragraph:
Should I just leave the shrink wrap on the manual and keep it locked in a
fireproof safe?  Somebody please tell me that I am at least allowed to read
the contents and use the numbers in my calculations!  Well, I have no
intention of giving up my design spreadsheets without a fight.  If AISC
wants them I am in Detroit today, no wait, I'm in Boston, no actually I'm
travelling through the Rocky Mountains :o)
Back to reality paragraph:
This seemingly simple issue has progressed into a confusing ball of twine.
I for one hope there is a resolution in the near future.

William J. Keil, P.E.
New York City, Columbus OH, Pittsburgh, PA, Las Vegas, NV (pick one ;o)

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