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RE: Design Moment For Semi-Rigid Connections

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Title: Design Moment For Semi-Rigid Connections
Wellllllll, find an old crusty engineer who has a copy and photocopy it.  That's how I build my library.
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Subject: Re: Design Moment For Semi-Rigid Connections

Dear colleague
I am having trouble with this kind of problem. Could you show me de way to get that "Big Red Book" in the subject?
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Subject: Design Moment For Semi-Rigid Connections

In the Design of Semi-Rigid Connections in Steel Frame buildings I have typically used moment magnitudes generated by Wind or Seismic Loading.  This follows the guidence given in the "Big Red Book" Engineering for Steel Construction Chapter 4.

I was thrown for a loop when I read "Design Tables for Top and Seat Angle w/ Double Web Angle Connections" by Yosuk Kim and Wai-Fah Chen in the Engineering Journal 2nd Quarter. 

In the design example they used 1/2 the Plastic Moment of the beam as the design moment for connection.

This is resulting in moment values "6" times my wind moments.

Is this a Limit State Criteria?

Should I redesign my connections based on this?

Is this approach overkill for buidings less then 35' high and in low seismic regions?

Your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.

Keith Hyndman, P.E.
Exton, PA

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