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Ice Hotel structure

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I was curious as to how Scott M Haan, would be interested in reviewing
projects similar to Ice Hotel in City of Anchorage (just kidding.) 

Ice Hotel in Quebec City, Canada is a 10,000 square feet and constructed
entirely of 4,500 tons of packed snow and 250 tons of ice. 
In the same way an igloo holds its shape, the Ice Hotel keeps its
structure without the use of any artificial freezing, 27 degrees
Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius) all the time.
The five-week-long construction process began with iron molds sprayed with
packed snow.
Guests sleep on beds made of blocks of ice covered with wood pallet and
deerskins and sub-zero-quality sleeping bags. At US$100.00 a night, 
there's only three months to enjoy it, by the end of March the hotel melts
away, not to be rebuilt again until next year.

Khashayar (Casey) Hemmatyar, P.E.

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