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RE: Whip! and drawing viewing

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Right click and follow the print buttons.  Also, click the box that says to force the background to white (or something like that).

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Thanks for the reply.  I gather that Whip! only work with Microsoft
Explorer.  Here's the answer I got from Autocad:

"Dear Autodesk Customer,

Thank you for your question through the Autodesk web feedback center.
Whip was not designed to work with Netscape 6.0, it may or may not work
with that browser.

PS Admin
Autodesk, Inc."

I've tried Whip! in Explorer and the Autocad files from another site
up very nicely, was able to pan and zoom.  Haven't figure out how to
them out yet.   I got excited because this would allowed my clients to
at drawings in the .DWF format on the web.

At 01:05 PM 4/24/2001 -0700, Jones, Mark A wrote:
>- Neil Moore wrote:
>> Are any of you using Whip! to view ACAD drawings online?  
>Yes, works fairly well.  The poster just has to make sure that the
>are set right.  (Not all that difficult, just make sure.)
>> Does it work in Netscape V6?  Any problems?
>Netscape v6 still does not reliably run on any machine I use.  We've
>it a work and IS removed it.  I still have it on my machine at home but
>just about guaranteed to crash if I use it form more than 1/2 hour.
>thing hasn't worked well since AO___L bought it. I haven't taken the
time to
>try to install the Whip plug-in for Netscape.  I figured I wouldn't be
>to tell which was screwing up.
>Mark Jones

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