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Re: IBC 2000-Sup 2001

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Back the issue of all the codes we need to buy ... but what was the cost of that publication and is it worth the dough? Is it a commentary type supplement, or is it like the NDS supplement where it is required to perform calculations because it contains vital data.

Or, is it one huge erratta and they sent it out Free (Am I really typing this ?) to all those who purchased an original or 1st printing? I can't see much being revised in any chapter other than 16 structurally, since most sections just refer to the codes of AISC, ACI, NDS, AISI, and others etc...


>>> ECVAl3(--nospam--at) 04/25/01 09:21AM >>>
I just received, from the ICBO, the 2001 Supplement to the International 
Codes. It is a book as thick as the IBC 2000 itself. I get the feeling this 
code is not really ready for implemantation.  It seem that codes are now 
written hurriedly to meet a deadline with the idea they can always be revised 
in supplements or future updates.
S.Macie, P.E.

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