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Re: VCR Alert:"Collapse: Failure by Design" on Discovery Channel

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<They say "Explore the flaws of four structures which failed the test of
integrity - and collapsed. Examine the engineering brilliance of architects
who built a structure that withstood a 7.5 earthquake.>

Typical ...That must have been some real strong paint those architects picked out to withstand that earthquake.

You think discovery channel would get their butts in gear. You think a channel devoted mostly to science programming would give credit to the more scientific discipline of the design team.

I'll also venture to guess that no architects will get blamed for any of the "4 structures that failed the test of integrity". But I have an idea who will get mentioned...

SEAINT should hire a high profile star to speak of the greatness of SE's just like the teachers get all the praises from Hollywood in public service announcements. Maybe we could get Cindy Crawford as our spokesperson. She supposedly majored in Engineering in college and people just might pay attention too.

I'll be tuning in to confirm my suspicions. Thanks for the programming note.


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