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RE: Moment Frames Constructed of Structural Tubing

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First of all, REMEMBER (if you don't know this already) that the main source
of information regarding design of such connections is NOT AISC or any
portion thereof, but AWS D 1.1. This caused me quite the runaround until I
figured it all out myself.

I would suspect that the latest provisions therein reflect something of the
Northridge experience, but OTOH that seemed to be so much a function of WF
connections that I might be mistaken.

The provisions of the AWS code are quite baroque (and you know what they
say: "If it ain't baroque, don't fix it!") Let me know if you need further

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Subject: Moment Frames Constructed of Structural Tubing

Are there post-Northridge rules or design standards for moment frames
constructed of structural tubing?  For the project I have in mind, they
would not be of heavy sections -- numerous moment resisting beam-column
intersections could be included in the frames.

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