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RE: Volunteers - Public Advocacy

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The problem I have with NSPE is that they are by nature not specific to
discipline. I think the P.R. issues related to structural engineering are
quite different from those of other engineering disciplines.

For example, Mechs and Elecs are far more likely to work for industry,
incurring next to no liability, and with a good chance to reap the benefits
in the form of patents, etc.

Civils are typically more concerned with the public trough (as our friend
Stan can attest), and they don't incur "diddly-squat" in the way of
liability. As a venerable old struc I worked with a few years ago put it
(this was in my bridge design days, where the civil roadway designers ran
everything--and got all the prestige and glory) "how do you KNOW if a civil
guy has 'messed up' the roadway design? All they gotta do is dump some more
dirt on it!"

I applaud Stan's and others' attempts at focusing on our public image. I
would like to do what I can to help, in whatever small way I can.

(Reminds me of the minister, closeted in his study, and pouring out his
heart to the Lord in prayer: "USE ME, LORD! USE ME AS THOU WILT! BUT

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PS   NSPE  is trying it again    ----    yet another  attempt  to bring a
public awarness of the engineering profession.

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