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Re: moment frames of structural tubing

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First of all, this cannot be used as a SMRF.  It would be a OMRF within the UBC
definition, or an IMRF within the newer categorization of the AISC Supplement No
The SAC reports do not address HSS sections, so there is no help there regarding
the ductility of the connections.  However, the offshore industry has been using
welded circular section for years and with proper detailing has been getting
plenty of ductility out of the connections.  Possible problems include the
potential for poor welding in the area where a butted beam section meets against
the radius of the column section, and also the inability to access the backside
of the weld to peen off and replace any poor material.  You need to carefully
configure the joint to provide good fit and backup along welding surfaces,
possibly including back-up bars along the straight sides of the tubes.  At the
corners you may not be able to acheive more than a partial-penetration weld.
I suggest you design it as an OMRF and carefully review the guidelines in the
HSS manual for the design of the connections.


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