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Re: Exit facilities in wood

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Table 2.3.2 of the 97 UBC doesn't allow a 1.25 increase.  The 1.25 increase
is specific to roof live loads.  

Is the cantilevered walkway also an exit route?  Check footnote 5 in Table

Good to hear from you.

Neil Moore, S.E
neil moore and associates
consulting structural engineers.

>Regarding the design of wood beams for the exit live load of 100 psf, any
>comments on the following approach?:
>- Strength : check beam for 100 psf live load and a load duration factor of
>1.25 (seven days        duration).  This should be conservative as an
>emergency exit load is of very short duration.
>- Serviceability : check beam for 60 psf live load (this is a cantilevered
>walkway).  Who really cares what the deflection is in an emergency as long
>as everything holds up?
>Eric Lehmkuhl,  S.E.
>KPFF Consulting Engineers, San Diego
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