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DSA & EOR's stamp

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First, thank you for all your opinions regarding this
particular issue.

After contacting the DSA, instead of putting the
Engineer of Record's stamp and signature on the
other's design drawings, We obtain a sample statement
(from DSA) as following 

"These drawings and/or specifications and/or
calculations for the items listed below have been
prepared by other design professionals or consultants
who are licensed and/or authorized to prepare such
drawings in this state. These documents have been
examined by me for design intent and appear to meet
the appropriate requirements of Title 24, California
Code of Regulations, and the project specifications
prepared by me.

The items listed below have been coordinated with my
plans and specifications and are acceptable for
incorporation into the construction of this project
for which I am the individual designated to be in
general responsible charge (or for which I have been
delegated responsibility for this portion of the

List items reviewed and accepted. (For drawings, a
list of all accepted drawings is to be attached.)"

According to DSA, just stamping and signing the above
statement (but not on the other's design drawings)
will be accepted by DSA.

James Lin, SE
IDS, Inc.

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