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RE: Volunteers - Public Advocacy

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I just went back and read the subject column by Richard Weingardt once
again.  It is an excellent article, just like all of his others.  His
central theme this time is:  "STOP THE WHINING".  There is not so much as
one word about structural engineering compensation!

Nice try, but you missed the mark! 

Stan Caldwell
Grinning in Dallas

Dear  STAN;

As former Chairman of the Public Advocacy  of NCSEA

Present Chair  SEAOI  PR committee
Former member of ASCE's  Commitee on Public Involevement  (until ASCE in
infinite wisdom terminated the committee  !!)

I have to sadly state the later is true

As Richard Weingardt just commented  in the April issue of STRUCTURAL

Are we are own worst enemy??

Or put another way  -  When will STEP FORWARD AND BE HEARD  ??

Bob  Johnson

PS   NSPE  is trying it again    ----    yet another  attempt  to bring a 
public awarness of the engineering profession.

 check the new website:
also  check the following:

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