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Re: Compensation (new thread name)

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Stan Caldwell wrote:

< ... My federal income taxes are somewhat higher than his gross
compensation. .... >

But do you get bagels and a choice of 3 different spreads every Friday? Now who's living large ?

That is great to see that you can make some big dough in this business. However, I feel that only those who own a portion of the company can really break into the 6 figure category. I think the perception of the underpaid engineer is relative to other professionals outside of construction and the Management side of construction. Lawyers and Doctors easily make more money without the need to have ownership. Project Managers for construction firms can make huge salaries if they can make their incentives. Most of the guys I went to school with who weren't too bright, but could B.S. and Kiss Up went into project management and succeeded. Also, since the actual construction workers make more than us (at least in San Francisco were most guys are union) it leaves a bad taste in your mouth because they didn't have to go to school for at least 4 years. Well, we'll be able to walk when we're 60 and they'll have aching joints for the rest of their lives from age 25 on. There is whining, but only because we think our job is difficult and you have to have certain qualities, that few have, to do our job well. 

I think we all realize that most people really have no clue what it is we do. Let the Architects get the glory for their designs_I am for that, but especially when seismic issues come up, the structural engineer should be acknowledged 

We are Hollywood stuntmen ... the big stars get the credit .. but we do the actual stunts and no one knows who we are. We need someone to stop worrying about looking proper and professional, and to just get out there and start tooting their own horn. I think the students who threw the VW Bug off the Golden Gate Bridge did more for public awareness of Engineering that the Building Big series simply because it was national news. Now, I'm not advocating copy cat pranks, but maybe some press, even if it isn't of the best or dignified variety, is better than no press at all.

Anyway, I better go grab a sandwich, I've used up half my lunch.


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