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IBC 2000-Sup 2001

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The 2001 Supplement from ICBO includes the supplements to ALL of the
International Codes (International Fire Code, International Plumbing Code,
etc., as well as the International Building Code). The section that gives
the 2001 Supplement to the International Building Code is 102 pages long;
that includes all of the nonstructural chapters as well. The portion of the
supplement related to the Structural chapters 16 through 23 (Design,
Inspection, Soils, Concrete, Aluminum, Masonry, Steel, and Wood) is only 28
pages (and about 10 pages of that is to the Masonry chapter because they
added a section on Prestressed Masonry). When you look through the changes
in detail, there are remarkably few significant changes between the 2000
IBC and the 2001 IBC Supplement, especially to items related to the
structural design.
Allen Adams, S.E.
RAM International

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Subject: IBC 2000-Sup 2001
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I just received, from the ICBO, the 2001 Supplement to the International 
Codes. It is a book as thick as the IBC 2000 itself. I get the feeling this 
code is not really ready for implemantation.  It seem that codes are now 
written hurriedly to meet a deadline with the idea they can always be revised 
in supplements or future updates.
S.Macie, P.E.

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