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RE: Compensation (new thread name)

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Gerard wrote:

But do you get bagels and a choice of 3 different spreads every Friday? Now who's living large ?

We get free bagels on Thursdays, and free lunches on most Thursdays and Fridays, and unlimited free coffee every day, and old-fashioned individual offices with walls and doors, and .....

Also, since the actual construction workers make more than us (at least in San Francisco were most guys are union) it leaves a bad taste in your mouth because they didn't have to go to school for at least 4 years.

So leave San Francisco, and maybe that bad taste will improve!  At least you won't have to pay for those highly-publicized free sex change operations for city employees.  In North Texas, we don't have unions, or English-speaking construction workers, or plan-checkers, or smoke stack industries, or state income taxes, or Democrats, or .....


Smiling Stan