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RE: Compensation (new thread name)

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I guess Alex Rodriguez has some competition in the area....

No. 1:
I don't have a bad taste in my mouth. My father was one of one of those Overpaid Union Construction workers who came to this country with a wife, two kids, and little else and did alright for himself and his family. 

No 2:
Ah yes, everyone is flocking to North Texas. Stan don't boast so much ... all of the transvestite engineers in San Francisco are on their way to North Texas to marry your sons. :)

Dallas . . . the Mecca of western civilization and culture. Sure we've got our problems in California, but North Texas ...? please. Can you go to the beach and ski in the same day in North Texas? Can you walk around in the summer time without a gas mask and a radiation suit. I can smell the manure now and the cancer growing in my brain from the arsenic in the water. I'm getting my candles ready before you turn our power off. 


(Not complaining about a damn thing ! ! ! )

>>> scaldwell(--nospam--at) 04/26/01 02:45PM >>>
Gerard wrote:

But do you get bagels and a choice of 3 different spreads every Friday? Now
who's living large ?

We get free bagels on Thursdays, and free lunches on most Thursdays and
Fridays, and unlimited free coffee every day, and old-fashioned individual
offices with walls and doors, and .....

Also, since the actual construction workers make more than us (at least in
San Francisco were most guys are union) it leaves a bad taste in your mouth
because they didn't have to go to school for at least 4 years.

So leave San Francisco, and maybe that bad taste will improve!  At least you
won't have to pay for those highly-publicized free sex change operations for
city employees.  In North Texas, we don't have unions, or English-speaking
construction workers, or plan-checkers, or smoke stack industries, or state
income taxes, or Democrats, or .....


Smiling Stan


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