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Hello there,

I'm a structural engineering student at GWU; I got my B.S. in engineering 
physics, and I don't have much background in S.E. par se. What makes a good 
structural engineer, that is, what kind of tool and skill must you have?  I'm 
studying a lot of theories, and that's what I've been doing all my life, but 
theories without applications seem pointless, and I've been quite frustrated 
with that.  Studying is one thing and applying is quite another; they go 
together, but it doesn't mean that if you're good at theories, you'll be good 
at applying them because in reality there are a lot of things that you have to 
consider that studying theories often don't give you that experience.  I'm 
interested in all aspects of structural engineering, designing, analysis etc.  
What are some of the good tools that you use daily, that I need to be familar 
or even have expertise on if I seriously thing about pursuing this career? I 
would be grateful if you could pass down some advice to a perspective 
structural engineer.

Thanking you.
Karma Yonten

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