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Peru Floor Framing

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I need help from some South American engineers.

I am designing a concrete structure for a children's home in Peru.  I
would like to find some Internet site that gives the information on the
concrete floor system.  The system includes prestressed concrete Tees to
support clay tiles.  The tiles are primarily to create void spaces.  A
concrete topping is placed over the tiles, about 50 mm I think.  

I would like to find an Internet site with load tables and typical
details.  It can be in Spanish or English.  I have some literature from
Firth Industries, Peru, but it does not give me the information I need. 
Does anyone know if this company has a web site?  I couldn't find one,
except for a European company.

I also would like to find out information on the steel joist framing used
in Peru.  Again, a web site with load tables an details would be helpful.

If anyone want to give me some written descriptions in leu of a web site,
I would greatly appreciate it also.

Thanks for your help.

Rich Lewis
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