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Re: Etabs Version 7

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Gerard,

My office is using ETABS version 7.11 and we have not been having any
problems with the program.  Like you, I was used to version 6.xx and it took
some time getting used to the graphical user interface.  Also, the steel
design processor is part of the program.  No setting up an additional
'Steeler" input file.  Fortunately, I had been using SAP 2000 and SAFE.  Ther
graphical user interfaces are very similar.  

The latest building we have been modeling is an "OSHPD" governed hospital
addition.  We are having the program generate the UBC 1994 seismic forces.  
If you have the program generate the seismic forces, be sure to look at your
floor mesh to ensure the program is using the entire floor plate area.  For
any diaphragm areas that are defined with more than four sides, you have to
bound the sides with 'Dummy" members for the meshing to include those parts
of the diaprhagm.  All that to say, run the Code seismic forces by hand to
check that the ETABS program is using the entire diaphragm area when
generating the seismic forces.

I do have a question if you are going to have ETABS generate the 1997 UBC
seismic forces than check the members with the 1989 AISC ASD code.  The
question is:  does ETABS know to divide the generated seismic forces by 1.4
to arrive at a working stress level?  If anyone knows the answer to this
question, I would appreciate the input.


Greg Showerman, S.E.