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2nd floor addition

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Another simple question (probably) all the wood design experts.
I thinking about the best way to approach an existing 1 story house that is getting a 2nd floor addition. Normally, I would assume that the roof gets removed, floor framing is placed, and the 2nd floor platform walls will sit over the lower walls just like in a new house. I have a situation where we are required to raise the original lower floor ceiling height from 8 ft to 9 ft.What are the various methods to achieve this? I was thinking that simply adding cripple studs would not be good to make up the 1 ft difference because I would be relying on a 1 ft strip of plywood when I was taught not to use plywood with less than 24" in shear panels. To complicate things, the 2nd floor ceiling height is 10'-6" so I would have another joint since I believe plywood is only available in 10' max sheet sizes.
Thanks for any comments .