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FW: Engineering compensation

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Scott, I have you now. Moonlighting indeed. Wait until I tell Anchorage on
you. [I expect no problems with the Costco heading your way.]

I started out as a plumber (apprenticing at 14, journeyman at 18. Then off
to college like an idiot.). It was many years before I ever made as much
money as an engineer. Once my chief engineer at Bechtel was informed (when
I quit) that his latest raise brought me up to my journeyman scale of 9
years before. So much for education I guess.

Plumbers always did better than framers anyway. :-) Maybe I should go back
(I'm leaving you an opening here. No doubt you will suggest I never left.) 

Peter Higgins, SE

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You could always run a framing crew for $60,000/year and use the
gig to fall back on in hard times.

It has been my moonlighting experience that when I do my own drafting I
for $2.50/hour.

Scott M Haan P.E.
Plan Review Engineer
Building Safety Division
Development Services Department
Municipality of Anchorage
phone:907-343-8183  fax:907-249-7399

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