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RE: Engineering compensation

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I posted the comment about the $60,000 framer for the same reason that it
was posted that a plumber makes more than an engineer; to illustrate what is
a general inequity in an engineer's pay. 

Ask yourselves what are you hourly billing rates.  Are they as high as those
of lawyers in your area?  If they are not even close then perhaps you are
cheating yourselves, your employees, and your families.

When I design a retaining wall on Enercalc, it takes me 5 minutes to run the
calculations.  We do not charge for five minutes.  We charge for the
education, training, and experience we have as well as for the fact that we
are accepting responsibility for a 1000 feet of wall.  We detail the crap
out of the wall and charge $0000.00.

I dream of what I call the  SIX PERCENT SOLUTION.  The EOR should get 6% of
the value of the project for his services, for being responsible for the
health, safety and welfare of the public.  Is 6% not what the uneducated
real-estate salesman will get each time he moves the place?

It starts with each of us to say we really are worth more to society than we
have been asking for in the past.

George Richards


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