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Three Hinge Glulam Arch

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I am currently designing a 3-hinge glulam arch roof (r=31.33', span=59') for
a roadway sand and salt shed.  I am using STAAD to model the arches (I
divided the arch into 20 equal straight line segments).  I did this for more
or less the convenience of manipulating the different load combinations
required.  My question is there any criteria I should be looking at for
deflection due to seasoning (i.e. shrinkage or swelling).  I know AITC has a
method for computing the seasoning effects on deflection and radial stress
for haunched or tudor arches but I have a true circular, constant section
arch and I expect the equilibrium moisture content inside the building to be
18 to 25%.  I don't any experience with glulam arch design.  Any input would
be appreciated.


Chris Daniels
Larson Design Group

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