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RE: Engineering compensation

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Title: RE: Engineering compensation

Gerard Madden wrote:


Would it be fair to assume that your work is primarily industrial in nature?

As I age, and my kids get closer to college, and as the price of a 2 bedroom house gets to 1 million bucks (about 750k right now ... 1200 square feet ... needs work), I'll be moving to Dallas were Stan will be paying me big bucks (6 figures and  a Luxury Box at Ranger Games) :>) !


Not more than 10% of our work is industrial.  The remaining 90% is split more-or-less evenly between public and private sector clients.  We design the same wide variety of concrete and steel building types that well-established "pure" (structural-only) firms do.  We also design bridges of all types, and a variety of special purpose structures.

You've come a long way in one week, Gerard.  Your latest posts have been polite, and don't mention anything further about manure or radiation.  I'm proud of you!  In suburban Dallas, $750K would buy a new two-story brick home of about 6,000 s.f. with a big swimming pool in the backyard.  Compensation might pleasantly surprise you.  Nobody here cares much about the Rangers over in Arlington, or the Cowboys in Irving.  Dallas is primarily a hockey town.  Lately, it's becoming a basketball town as well.


Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas