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RE: Round HSS or Steel Pipe??

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Title: RE: Round HSS or Steel Pipe??

>I can not find in the HSS availability list a 1-1/2" outside diameter, 11
>gage round HSS.

To my knowledge, neither ASTM A53 (steel pipe) nor ASTM A500 (round HSS) cover product with gage thicknesses. They do each go down to 1/8-in. nominal wall thickness in some diameters, though. That's just a bit thicker than 11 gage.

>Because of this, I would tend to classify it as a Steel
>Pipe (not a round HSS) and assume the properties per ASTM A53.

The significant difference between ASTM A53 and A500 is strength level. ASTM A53 is a 35 ksi yield product in grade B. ASTM A500 is a 42 ksi yield product in grade B; 46 ksi in grade C. So they are not interchangeable.

>Is anyone aware of steel pipe being manufactured to ASTM specs other than
>A53 and A500?

Steel pipe is manufactured to ASTM A53 only. Round HSS are manufacturd to ASTM A500. There are other ASTM specifications for round HSS, but their availability is a significant question. I would not specify anything but A500 unless I knew in advance that the alternative specification would be available.

Hope this helps,

P.S. A summary of material availability and recommendations is available here: