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RE: Engineering compensation

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Stan wrote:

<Not more than 10% of our work is industrial.  The remaining 90% is split
more-or-less evenly between public and private sector clients.  We design
the same wide variety of concrete and steel building types that
well-established "pure" (structural-only) firms do.  We also design bridges
of all types, and a variety of special purpose structures.

You've come a long way in one week, Gerard.  Your latest posts have been
polite, and don't mention anything further about manure or radiation.  I'm
proud of you!  In suburban Dallas, $750K would buy a new two-story brick
home of about 6,000 s.f. with a big swimming pool in the backyard.
Compensation might pleasantly surprise you.  Nobody here cares much about
the Rangers over in Arlington, or the Cowboys in Irving.  Dallas is
primarily a hockey town.  Lately, it's becoming a basketball town as well.>

Stan, I don't think politeness has ever been lacking in any posts of mine. Perhaps, when a smiley face isn't at the end of a joking statement, people think it is meant to hurt. My stabs at Texas are purely in jest, I know it's a great state, but I think the SF Bay Area, aside from the rediculous housing prices, is the greatest place in the world.

It makes it very tough for the young  underpaid structural engineer to compete in the Bay Area with the dot commers pricing everyone out of the housing market. I'm am almost assured that within the next 5 years, once I've learned as much as possible, I'll have to move out of the area simply because I refuse to give 75% of my paycheck out the door for my mortgage on a tiny house with no backyard and/or commute 3 hours each way. 
Now, as far as the engineering business goes, I'm glad that your firm is doing well in its philosphy of an all in one service to its clients. My experience was, as I mentioned, sort of like a chain ... weakest link in the disciplines held the others back.

No plan checking in Texas ? Why is that? Sure, It can be annoying, especially when you are dealing with someone who is not a licensed engineer, but shouldn't someone look at a design to prevent gross error or incompetence. Do you at least have a PE Exam?  No SE exam right?

Maybe Vegas is the place to be ... Lots of construction = plenty of job security, you can visit the world in a 20 minute walk, no taxes, you can buy a beer at 4:00 am, affordable housing, and the ability to make a wager on the coin toss in the Super Bowl. Too bad my wife can't the heat.

AS far as Dallas being a hockey town ... that's scary. I guess whoever is winning at the time is the king of the town. Out here, there were us Hard Core Giants fans (the 10,000 who regularly went to Candlestick) Now with Pacbell Park, we have 40,000 every night . . . and I only get to go if someone I know can't. SF is definately a 49er town and a Giants town when they are decent. The east bay teams have a loyal fan base that seems to be shrinking since the Raiders came back and screwed up everything.

Anyway, if I was rude, I am sorry to you Stan. Sometimes my brand of humor isn't all that funny to some.

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