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Plan Checking

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ICBO does have checklists for plan checking.  They are in their catalog 
under, "Automated Products."  The latest catalog that I have (September 1, 
2000) has separate structural and non-structural checklists for the 1997 UBC, 
but not the IBC 2000.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bob Hanson wrote:

. > List,

. > What or where is the line on what a structural plan check is supposed to
. > provide. I have seen plan checks that check nearly nothing and the 
. > response is "you are stamping the drawings not me" to the far end of spell
. > check. Does ICBO have a standard of performance? My view is plan check 
. > should try to catch gross errors, point to code sections that may not 
. > have been considered, and verify that there is enough information or 
. > quality into the documents to provide life safety and for the inspector 
. > to spot items of importance. If the EOR differs in his opinion on code 
. > sections we have a dilemma. I think for the most part that a plan checker 
. > can not master all the materials and all the structure types nor be a 
. > master draftsperson/spelling checker. I feel it is the EOR with his nitch 
. > who should know every code item related to his submittal. If the EOR has a
. > problem with what is required in the code he should not look to shoot the
. > messenger. In the case of a dilemma, or in the case of the EOR not feeling
. > compliance is required(blatant items excepted) I think the EOR should be 
. > in control. Opinions? 

. > Bob Hanson, S.E.

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