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RE: Need Practical Mechanics of Matl's/Structural Analysis Book

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There is a slight problem with that approach to taking the PE exam in this
day and age...the entire PE exam is now multiple guess (assuming the state
in question uses the NCEES exam, which I believe is now true in all
states).  Thus, there is no opportunity to use plain English to explain
your thought process on the problems.  You pick the letter and either get
it right or partial credit.  :-)


On Thu, 3 May 2001, Structuralist wrote:

> In fact, as I recall, when time became short, I picked up points by
> explaining in plane English what steps I would take to complete the problem
> and what I was trying to accomplish to satisfy the problem. This is given
> some weight as the professional checking the problem wants to know that you
> know how to complete the design.

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