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RE: CA vs TX -- which shall it be?

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-Drew A. Norman, SE [mailto:DNorman(--nospam--at)] wrote:
>But in the end, both my parents were born in California, both my wife and I
>grew up here, and while I found even suburban Detroit (where we lived for
>six months before Dallas) to be surprisingly livable, and although I

Now, we know how truly messed-up California has made you if you think
suburban Detroit is livable.  Boy, you need to get out of the city and get
some of that country air. :)

>bottom line is there's no place like California. 

Were you still wearing the Ruby Slippers? or were those Ruby Teva's?

> Don't try surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon in Dallas,

Yeah, but seriously, how often DO you go surfing in the morning and skiing
in the afternoon?  My aunt has lived in Orange county for years, she keeps
trying to get me to move there.  After I spent 4 hours driving from the
Grapevine to Irving once when driving to see her, she has no hope of
convincing me to move there.  I figure you can only go surfing OR skiing
because it'll take you the rest of the day to drive those 20 miles.

>and just look at the faces of the people in snowbound Detroit as they 
>watch the telecast of the Rose Parade going on under sunny blue skies. 

That was either sadness because UM wasn't there or sadness because the UM
football vacation is just starting.  :)

Mark Jones
Native Michigander

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