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RE: Need Practical Mechanics of Matl's/S

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

. > There is a slight problem with that approach to taking the PE exam in this
. > day and age...the entire PE exam is now multiple guess (assuming the state
. > in question uses the NCEES exam, which I believe is now true in all
. > states).  Thus, there is no opportunity to use plain English to explain
. > your thought process on the problems.  You pick the letter and either get
. > it right or partial credit.  :-)

The solution to this is to program your hand-held to generate (pseudo-) 
random numbers and use this to answer the questions.  This is truly the 
"multiple guess" technique, removes bias, you need to know nothing, and have 
a 1:4 (or 1:5) chance of getting the correct answer.  The odds are much 
better than the lottery!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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