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Re: Fixed or pinned support

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But don't forget to consider the stiffness of the foundation system.

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 "Welded steel structures" by Blodgett has a section on designing base
plates subjected to moment and axial load. Use the formulas to check if the
base plate/anchor bolt detail can sustain the applied column loads. Check
the adequacy of the anchor bolt embedment in concrete to transfer the column
loads into the foundation. And, check if the weld at column/base plate is
adequate for applied column loads. If all of these modes check okay, then
the detail can be treated as fixed.

A four bolt base plate is more likely going to provide a fixed condition. A
two bolt connection, on opposite sides of the web will be a pinned



Nacionales Alex <acnacionales(--nospam--at)> wrote:


I am checking  a structural computation for a four storey steel framed
building. The framing in the calculation shows fixed supports but the detail
in the plan shows the supports are steel baseplates with 4 25mm-anchor
bolts. The columns are directly welded to the baseplates. It is my opinion
that this kind of connection is a pinned type connection and should be
treated as such in the calcs.

Thank you for your comments.

Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.

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