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RE: Engineering compensation

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Title: RE: Engineering compensation

No plan checking in Texas ? Why is that? Sure, It can be annoying, especially when you are dealing with someone who is not a licensed engineer, but shouldn't someone look at a design to prevent gross error or incompetence. Do you at least have a PE Exam?  No SE exam right?

Anyway, if I was rude, I am sorry to you Stan. Sometimes my brand of humor isn't all that funny to some.


The question should be, why is plan checking necessary anywhere?  When a licensed engineer seals his/her plans, he/she takes full responsibility for their accuracy and completeness.  Formal review by third parties seems to me to be a perfect example of needless bureaucracy.  Most of the country manages to survive very well without plan-checkers.  Texas is merely part of the majority on this.  Yes, Texas requires four years of relevant engineering experience and the standard NCEES exams for PE licensure, just like every other state except California.

Don't be concerned about rudeness.  I wasn't offended by your remarks and, regardless, I have a very thick skin.

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
Go Mavs!  Go Stars!