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RE: Need Practical Mechanics of Matl's/Structural Analysis Book

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I wholeheartedly second the statement quoted below.  I took it in Oct (first
time the new format was used) and it didn't get much worse than wL^2/8 or
PL/4 as far as structural analysis was concerned.  Look in the neighborhood
of 4-190 in the silver LRFD or 2-296 in the green ASD for 90% of everything
you will need.  The AISC manual is great that way.  I found the Civil
Engineering Review Manual to be pretty handy, too, as far as overall
coverage goes (even if it is filled with small errors - a very long and
incomplete errata is provided on the web at  Good luck.  

Paul Crocker, P.E. 

"All deflections, moments, and shears you are likely to see you will be able
to solve with standard beam tables.  My
favorite reference are the solutions in the beam section of my LRFD
book.  If you spend more than a couple of hours on this, you are going
way overboard."

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