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RE: Engineering compensation

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>>> bill(--nospam--at) 05/03/01 09:43AM >>>
RE: Engineering compensationI can vouch for this. There are very few hockey
fans that you can actually TEASE during the Cup Playoffs, who will even
condescend to ever speak to you again afterward! But "Lord Stanley" Caldwell
is one.

I am truly honored.

A few points.

1. Yes I was being cynical about the fees and low quality ... thanks Dennis for pointing that out.

2.  I'm glad both Stan, Bill, Myself and other can agree to disagree, poke fun at one another, and talk like real people. Again, I don't have to like everything I read on this list, but I respect everyone's right to speak their mind. Bill took my last shot like a gentleman ( Even though I was in Jimmy C (Hisself ....) mode ). Although his knowledge of San Francisco politics indicates a keen interest in our fair "clime". 

3. I know of a certain Texan who would like to Tap a Few Million Kegs of Guiness Stout in Alaska. Maybe the state isn't that useless afterall .... I know his daughter could put all that stout to good use-Chip off the old block.

4. Scott you are wrong ... Bill's Ego is bigger than yours.

5. I better get some work done today...



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  Don't be concerned about rudeness.  I wasn't offended by your remarks and,
regardless, I have a very thick skin.

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