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RE: Engineering compensation --> steel moment connections

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Fully agree!  No matter how stout we design something and some contractor
builds it (assuming built to specification or above)...  If mother nature
wants it she will get it [building failure, etc.]


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My omission.  Very true.  The "problems" were with welded steel moment
connections.  But then, who knows...may be next time there will be
problems with bolted steel connections or plywood shear walls or concrete

To me, the point is that the moment someone gets a little "cocky" and
thinks they know it all or that they have "it" just right,
fate/mother-nature/a-divine-power/what-ever-you-want-to-call-it steps in
and teaches a hard lesson.


On Thu, 3 May 2001, Effland, Greg wrote:

> Quick note:  The "steel moment connections" that you mention that had
> performance issues in the Northridge earthquake are the welded moment
> connections.  I think an article can be found in ENR (?? issue) that talks
> about how bolted steel moment connections fared better due to their
> ductility.
> Greg
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> Subject: RE: Engineering compensation
> Another "example" would be steel moment connections.  Steel moment
> connections in high seismic areas were "managing to survive" just fine
> "until" Northridge.

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