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RE: Alaska

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Title: Alaska



Times have changed.  Sounds like you had a good time.

Be careful or I will call Ted Stevens and Don Young and have them pull a few strings with George W. to have him declare Texas a National Monument



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Scott wrote:

Knowing several displaced Texans and from personal experience, I can vouch that Texan's have state envy.


I think that you mean "state pride", albeit sometimes excessive.  Having spent so much time in Alaska, I learned about many of your state's proud firsts.  In addition to the most square miles of land, and most linear miles of coast line, and most linear miles of rivers, etc., Alaska also has some interesting "per capita" firsts:

*  most private pilots
*  highest rate of alcoholism
*  highest rate of venereal disease
*  highest rate of suicide
*  highest rate of divorce

Please tell me that these statistics have improved since the 1970s.  Otherwise, it's really hard for us Texans to be very envious!

Stan, in Dallas

"Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble,
when you're perfect in every way"
            ...popular Texas song