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Engineering compensation --> steel moment connections

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 Scott Maxwell wrote:  ...may be next time there will be problems with
bolted steel connections . . .

To quote Donald Sutherland in 'Kelly's Heroes' ------"Quit with the negative
waves man!"  The bolting industry already has its share of excitement just
trying to get contractors to follow the RCSC Specification in spirit ---
even if they won't or can't follow it to the letter.

Scott also wrote: . . . the point is that the moment someone gets a little
"cocky" . . .
fate/mother-nature/a-divine-power/what-ever-you-want-to-call-it steps in and
teaches a hard lesson.

Every day Scott my man you are right.  Witness the DC Convention Center
collapse.  50 years on since the first specification for installation of
Structural Bolts was adopted and we still can't get people to treat
fasteners as anything but a piece of metal intended to fill those funny
holes that seem to be everywhere.  A couple here, a couple there.  That'll
hold it.

Not a week goes by without my visiting a project on which structural bolts
were permitted to rust in place while 'snug' ---- only to have everyone ask
me how they can be tightened to SC levels later on.  Hence my grey hair and
frequent flyer miles.

I tried to attach a picture of this week's example, but the seaint server
returned my message as too large --- although it didn't specify whether too
large means Texas-sized or Alaska-sized.

Climbing down from a can of rusty structural bolts,

 David Sharp
TurnaSure LLC

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