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New home noises - need some advice?

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Just some thoughts:

Thought 1.  When I was doing graduate work, I also worked part-time for a 
structural engineer whose office was on the east side of the second floor of 
a 2-story office/retail building.  The second floor walls were porcelainized 
metal panels and as soon as the sun came over the mountains, those panels 
started singing along with snap, crackle and pop.  The singing continued all 
morning and I expect that it occurred again when the sun went down.  Your 
desert climate is like ours, where it is not unusual to have a 35 degree 
temperature difference between night lows and day highs.

Thought 2.  With wood exterior walls and metal stud interior non-bearing 
walls, the wood can shrink or has shrunk.  If the interior wall/ceiling 
intersection was not detailed to accommodate this movement, the metal studs 
may be buckling (load-duration relationship).

Thought 3.  Is the roof constructed with wood trusses or CFS trusses.  Attic 
spaces are beginning to get hot (damned hot) this time of the year.  Is there 
insulation between the top plate of the metal stud walls and the attic?

Thought 4.  Have you personally heard the noises?  I recently was at a house 
(not a new house) where the owner was concerned about noises she heard.  We 
were sitting in the dining room having coffee when she suddenly said, "Hear 
that?"  Yes, I heard it, but what I heard was normal thermal movement --- 
nothing to get excited about.

Thought 5. (I forgot.) <G>


Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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