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RE: Alaska

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Alaska has most earthquakes too, large and small. Believe or not, serious
discussion has been going on to utilize the energy generalized by earthquake
to produce electricity sell to Californian.

The basic idea is to build a farm of tall and flexible towers right above
the active fault. Then a large piece of magnet coil will be mounted on top
of each tower. When earthquake happens, the ground movement will cause the
magnet coil move back and forth in a period depended on the earthquake. The
structure shall provide maximum drift to amplify the ground shake during an
earthquake event and also shall has minimum energy dissipation.

It is estimated that there are enough earthquakes in Alaska to produce the
electricity that more than California needed. And if not, some nuclear
underground explorations may be used to induce the earthquakes. 

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What do you expect - Alaska has the highest rate of Dentists:o)

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Scott wrote: 

Knowing several displaced Texans and from personal experience, I can vouch
that Texan's have state envy. 


I think that you mean "state pride", albeit sometimes excessive.  Having
spent so much time in Alaska, I learned about many of your state's proud
firsts.  In addition to the most square miles of land, and most linear miles
of coast line, and most linear miles of rivers, etc., Alaska also has some
interesting "per capita" firsts:

*  most private pilots 
*  highest rate of alcoholism 
*  highest rate of venereal disease 
*  highest rate of suicide 
*  highest rate of divorce 

Please tell me that these statistics have improved since the 1970s.
Otherwise, it's really hard for us Texans to be very envious!

Stan, in Dallas 

"Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble, 
when you're perfect in every way" 
            ...popular Texas song 

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