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One and Two Family Dwelling: IBC 1707 "special inspection requir ements for seismic resistance"

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Anyone else who has adopted the IBC in high wind-seismic area:

IBC 1704.1 exempts one and two family structures governed by the IRC from
the general special inspection requirements.  IBC 1705.1  exempts R-3
occupancies not exceeding 2 stories and without structural irregularities
from a "Quality Assurance Plan" for seismic resistance.

Special inspections for seismic resistance are covered in IBC 1707.  I do
not see where this section exempts one and two family construction from
special inspection for seismic resistance.  It would appear special
inspection is required for "seismic resistance" although a "quality
assurance plan" is not required.  This special inspection included 1707
includes periodic inspection of  wood building lateral force resisting
system connections and members.

How are other jurisdictions enforcing special inspection for residential
construction and interpreting IBC 1707 "special inspections for seismic
resistance" for residential construction?


Scott M Haan P.E.
Plan Review Engineer
Building Safety Division
Development Services Department
Municipality of Anchorage
phone:907-343-8183  fax:907-249-7399

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