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Re: Need Practical Mechanics of Matl's/Structural Analysis Book

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> My intended point was that
>we are being test on pipe flow, water quality, traffic flow etc.  These
>items will not help me in my current or desired position.  I have
>nothing but respect for the P.E.'s in my office (all but one are also CA
Not to put too fine a point on things but the test isn't like a college 
exam. College exams test you on what you've picked up in the past. The PE 
exam is a way af seeing if you have the stuff to become a reasonably 
competent engineer in the future. You've really only started to learn 
your trade, and you could be a layoff or two away from a complete career 
change, or an opportunity that hinges on how well you remember the stuff 
you never thought you'd use.

I went through the same sort of thing when I took the ME exam back when 
hector was a pup. All sorts of things about thermodynamics and pipe flow 
and steam power when I was working in pressure vessel design. Well, it 
turned out that I wasn't going to be spending my life doing pressure 
vessel design or even doing it for the same company. Turns out I was 
going to make good use some of that thermo even though I wasn't going to 
make a career out out of it. 

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