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Closer look to Building rigid moment frame Design

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It will be my deep gratitude if can anyone briefly show me the followings.:
Project ongoing:
Building rigid moment frame:(tapered sect. column+rafter)
- width : 54m w/ mid span column , i.e.. 27+27 = 54m,
(assumed this mid span col is pinned connection to rafter at ridge)
-bays :           8@9 m
- EaveHeight: 8m
- Monitor roof along Bldg length
- block works side walls ( as per esthetics architectural req.)
- 2 gabble-end-wall frame will be a RC casted.
I am considering the MBMA 86 as governing design code.
- lateral deflection at eaveheight : I am taking account  as = EH /375 ( due to block works attch to steel  )
- vert. deflection of rafter : Span / 180 = 27000/180
- Load comb: ASD-89 (  I decreased load by 33%)
(DL + LL)*0.75
(DL + WL)*0.75
no seismic load applied
I spent a certain time on it and thought i just need your valuable experienced specialist out there.
Any different advice also be appreciated.
Thanks and regards