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new home noises

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The roof trusses were plated wood trusses - the energy calculations will not
work for most homes out here in the desert that use steel roof trusses. This
is why it is much more common to find metal stud homes with wood truss
roofs, or in this case wood stud exterior walls, steel stud interior and
wood truss roofs.

Dennis:  If this house was made with mixed materials, might there not have been
some differential shortening due to shrinkage of the wood?  That could certainly
cause the trusses to load the interior partitions.

I've heard that about metal stud construction in the desert before.  The energy
calcs force the use of a larger sized A/C unit, which just crosses the line from
the cheap residential units into the larger more expensive commercial units, and
makes the metal stud construction noncompetitive.


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